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Technical Support

Jiyuan is one of China's revision units in wood vacuum drying standards. We have worked closely with a number of universities for many years, including the China Academy of Forestry,Nanjing Forestry University, Northeast Forestry University, and Beijing Forestry University. We have worked in tandem with them to research the field of high frequency wood drying. With over 10 national patents, we specialize in the design, development, and manufacturing of high frequency, dielectric heating woodworking equipment.

Our self-developed radio frequency vacuum kiln (RFV kiln) has taken the leading position in radio frequency heating areas, a field severely lacking in China. We have recently launched a fully automatic radio frequency dryer, a brand new technology, and have been able to completely update both our hardware and software, which makes for an easier installation and cleaner system operation.

We simultaneously use a high frequency technology as a new heat treatment technology and make positive forays into researching its effect on drying, worm killing, and sterilization of agricultural products, food and meat product preparation. We have found that RF heating technology has shown a promising future in transforming the traditional food processing techniques, in a time when people are beginning to pay more attention to food security and quality. We foresee high frequency dielectric heating technology gaining a wider development within the agricultural and food processing industries. The following pictures demonstrate our positive attitude towards learning and exchanging ideas when it comes to state of the art high frequency technology.

  • President Hua (Right) and an Egyptian customer
  • President Hua (Right) and professor Hua attending a discussion to amend vacuum drying standard in 2011.
  • Photo with a Japanese customer

  • President Hua (Left No.1) is discussing high frequency technology with representatives from Denmark's Techwood.
  • Photo of president Hua (Middle) with microwave and radio frequency experts from WSU
  • President Hua (2nd on the right) is participating in an appraisal meeting of the Wood Industry Research Institute of China Academy of Forestry
  • President Hua (1st one on the right) is participating in a technical discussion about drying equipment with KAMI
  • Photo of President Hua (Right) and Doctor Wang Yunyang from Northwest Agriculture & Forestry University