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Service and Support

As a professional manufacturer of woodworking machinery with radio frequency system, Jiyuan offers high quality products and unrivaled service to customers in China and around the world. Our highly qualified tech team and after sales service team has a reputation for over 20 years of excellent service. They are more than happy to provide the most appropriate radio frequency equipment and solutions for our customers in woodworking industry, helping them to create the largest value on a small investment.

Installation and Trial Run
Jiyuan is respected around the world, with products exported to more than 40 countries. Our after-sales team offers outstanding installation and trial run services, as well as dedicated technical support. Our service doesn't end with the sale. We provide all service and support they need after the sale, including a product manual, a layout, circuit diagram, and a schematic diagram. Our installation and trial run services are also available in a variety of packages.

Customers can visit our factory and have hands on experience in learning how to install and perform trial runs on our products. Any related technical training takes 3 to 5 days and is free. Customers can also invite our engineers to their factories for the installation of our products, though they will pay for the flight, accommodation and related services. Installation and training for this option generally takes 5 to 10 days, depending on the equipment. We also offer online services, with installation and trial videos, files, and drawings to educate our customers on how to install our high frequency machines on their own, which reduces customer costs. We also have dealers around the world in more than 10 nations. Customers can contact the dealer closest to them, and those dealers will assist in completion and trial runs, as well as equipment maintenance and repair services.

Spare Parts
In order for our customers to be able to better use and maintain our woodworking equipment, we recommend purchasing spare parts in order to ensure long term stability, Our recommended spare parts include HF radio tubes, silicon diodes, overload relays, buttons, current meters, resistors, and ceramic capacitors.

  • 103 capacitor
  • Button
  • Ceramic capacitor
  • Current meter
  • HF radio tube
  • Overload relay
  • Resister
  • Silicon diode
  • Relay

Equipment Failure Solution
If any of the woodworking machine you purchase from us become troublesome, you can easily contact us by phone or the internet, and receive fast responses and assistance. We offer 24 hour telephone services and year round internet services. Our engineers and after sales team will work to quickly find the trouble and solve your problem, getting your equipment back in working order as soon as possible.

Our woodworking equipment with either HF or RF dielectric heating devices come with a 1 year warranty. While under warranty, we can utilize international mailing services such as DHL, UPS, TNT and more to send you replacement parts as fast as possible.

With the assistance of the internet, we can help customers deal quickly and efficiently with almost any issue. If on-site maintenance or repair is needed, we will send you the highest qualified technicians to assist you, with only one to two weeks needed to acquire a visa.