Hebei Huas Jiyuan High Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd
Chaobai River Industrial Park Dachang Hebei, China

Tel.: +86-316-8933383

Backed by over 20 years of experience in the wood working machinery manufacturing industry, Jiyuan has developed into a well-known and respected brand in the industry in China. Our radio frequency equipment for woodworking includes vacuum wood drying kiln, radio frequency edge gluers, solid wood bending machines and RF wood welders, and each of our products has grown to be recognized by thousands of users, both domestic and internationally.

Domestic Customers (China)

  • China WANJIA Group
  • BEKING Furniture
  • A-Zenith
  • Quan U Home Furnishing
  • DL-HF Furniture
  • QUMEI Modern Furniture
  • OPPEIN Group
  • WANGLI Group
  • Royal Home Furnishing
  • SHENGYOU Home Furnishing

Customers abroad

Abco Trade (Egypt)
Amber Group (Bangladesh)
Aqua Timber (Canada)
Associated Marketing (Romania)
Be Cool Ltd (Moldova)
Bent wood seating system (Karlkata)
Crystal Furniture (India)
HYS Enterprise (Singapore)
JR technologies (USA)
MCGK (Philippines)
MOBICA for Integrated Industries (Egypt)
Multi-M group (Egypt)
OOO Satis Mebel (Russia)

OOO simport Mebel (Russia)
OOO Lilac (Russia)
Otobi Group (Bangladesh)
Panasa (Thailand)
Partex Group (Bangladesh)
Peacoke chair (India)
Rapi Furniture (Indonesia)
RF specialists (Canada)
Schiavello (Australia)
Suasa (Malaysia)
Tan Dai Viet (Vietnam)
Woodworth (Vietnam)