Hebei Huas Jiyuan High Frequency Equipment Co., Ltd
Chaobai River Industrial Park Dachang Hebei, China

Tel.: +86-316-8933383

Partner Examples

1. Radio Frequency Edge Gluer
  • Well known board manufacturer in China
  • RF edge gluer for board making
  • Largest container manufacturer in Asia-CIMC
  • CIMC for container floor making
  • Overseas customer
  • Workshop in customer's factory
2. Radio Frequency Press
  • Customer in Russia
  • Chair bending in Turkey
  • Bed slats bending
  • Plywood bending
  • Three direction pressure press in customer's workshop
  • Customized machines
3. Radio Frequency Vacuum Kiln
  • 5 sets of vacuum wood dryer in top brand rosewood furniture manufacturer -LIANTIANHONG
  • 7 sets of wood drying kiln in WEILIN company
  • Beech, oak drying in Turkey

  • Floor drying in Egypt
  • Hardwood drying in Bangladesh
  • Maple, yellow birth, red pine drying in Canada
  • Rosewood drying in Africa
  • Teak, mahogany drying in Indonesia
  • Russian customer