1. Once cycle working time: 3-5mins
      Feeding type: Material auto feeding
      Control type: PLC auto control, touch screen, fault self checking
      Hydraulic station: 5.5kW
    1. It is mainly applied to the drying of materials. It is also great for killing worms and bacteria in textiles, fruit, vegetables, tea and grains. The belt conveyor drying machine can also achieve automatic control in the production line work. It can also save up to 50% more energy than general dryers.
    1. Power supply: AC220V 50Hz
      Input: 3kVA
      Output: 1.5kW
      Rated frequency: 27.12MHz
    1. Protection: Overload protection
      Curing depth: Around 30mm
      Curing time: 5-30 seconds, depending on the glue quantity
      Application: Small area heating
    1. The RF generator boosts and rectifies 380 volts of power sources and converts them into high frequency electric fields via an electronic tube and oscillation circuit. The high frequency electric field will then be transmitted to the load where water or glue molecules can instantly be polarized under a high frequency of 6.78 MHz.