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    1. Vacuum Kiln For Hardwood and Rosewood DryingFunctions: Can dry all kinds of wood, especially for rosewood and hardwood.
      High frequency: 6.78MHz
      Max. pressure: -0.092MPa
      Power: AC, 380V, 50HZ 3phase (5wire or customized)
    1. Vacuum Kiln For Large Section Timber DryingOutput Power: 20KW---100KW
      Functions: Can dry all kinds of wood, especially for large section and square edge wood drying. Faster, uniformly, no crack and deformation.
    1. Vacuum Kiln For Wood RedryingOur fully automatic vacuum kiln, often referred to as a RFV kiln, adopts a radio frequency heating and combines it with vacuum low temperature drying technology, leading to unique advantages for wood redrying and moisture balancing.
    1. Vacuum Kiln For Veneer and Floor DryingThe vacuum kiln is specially designed for wood veneer and flooring drying. It comes with great difference in drying process with RFV kilns for drying of thick wood and hardwood.
  • High Frequency Edge Gluer with ConveyorHigh frequency conveyor edge gluer is applied for board jointing, 90 degrees corner joint, cabinet board joint, door edge banding, L type door pocket line joint.
  • Radio Frequency Press Curved Plywood Press

    It is an excellent solution for processing manufacturing curved wood for office furniture, children’s furniture, chairs, tea tables, sofa armrests, bed slats, paneled furniture, bed headboards, cabinet door faces and musical instruments such as guitars.

    1. Wood Bending Machine RF Solid Wood Bending The high frequency current kills insects and bacteria, ensuring the health and safety of operators.
      Dry kilns are unnecessary for this wood bending press machine.
      Working speeds are fast, producing 20 finished products (at 10cm wide) in a half hour.
    1. Wood Bending Machine Solid Wood Bending with SteamThere are no chemicals used in the heating, bending and sizing processes, making this steam bending machine environmentally friendly.
      With this wood bending machine, wood forms great, features lower deformity rates and is perfectly uniform.
    1. Wood Bending Machine U-Shaped Solid Wood BendingThis solid wood processing equipment can be used for softening, mold pressing and bending process for various broad leaved woods including elm, white ash, beech, Chinese oak, birch, rubber wood and other hardwoods.
  • Radio Frequency PressOnce cycle working time: 3-5mins
    Feeding type: Material auto feeding
    Control type: PLC auto control, touch screen, fault self checking
    Hydraulic station: 5.5kW
  • Conveyor Dryer

    It is mainly applied to the drying of materials. It is also great for killing worms and bacteria in textiles, fruit, vegetables, tea and grains. The belt conveyor drying machine can also achieve automatic control in the production line work. It can also save up to 50% more energy than general dryers.

  • RF Wood Welder Protection: Overload protection
    Curing depth: Around 30mm
    Curing time: 5-30 seconds, depending on the glue quantity
    Application: Small area heating
  • Radio Frequency Generator Frequency: 6.78MHz, 13.56MHz, 27.12Mhz
    Cooling type: Air cooling, Water cooling
    Protection: Overload, door switch, over heating, air pressure protection etc.