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Frame Corner Jointing Machine

The high frequency (27.12 MHz) frame corner jointing machine has a great budget price and its service has been proven. It is great for combining and bonding two pieces of frame strips together with 45° angled ends at a 90° angle (such as picture frames).

For larger frames that are not easily joined at four corners this high frequency frame corner joiner is an ideal solution.

This frame corner jointing machine requires a heating time of only 10 seconds and requires no nails or tenons, making it more accurate and stable at the joints than frames that use plugs, nails and screws. The frame corner machine is great for putting together picture frames, mirror frames, cabinet frames and door frames.

Technical Parameters of the Frame Corner Jointing Machine

Power supply AC220V 50Hz
Input 3kVA
Output 1.5kW
Rated frequency 27.12MHz
Heating time 3-10 seconds
Cooling mode Wind cooling

Characteristics of the Frame Corner Jointing Machine
1. High frequency dielectric heating methods give this machine a fast speed, needing 10 to 20 seconds to cure the glue. Curing time depends on glue quantity.
2. Automatic production line operations can be carried out.
3. It saves the use of clamps such as an F clamp or panel holder, which ensures high space utilization.
4. This frame requires no nails, making the painting process unnecessary.
5. The glue will cure rapidly under pressure, resulting in high bondage strength.

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