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Wood Bending Machine

    1. Wood Bending Machine RF Solid Wood Bending The high frequency current kills insects and bacteria, ensuring the health and safety of operators.
      Dry kilns are unnecessary for this wood bending press machine.
      Working speeds are fast, producing 20 finished products (at 10cm wide) in a half hour.
    1. Wood Bending Machine Solid Wood Bending with SteamThere are no chemicals used in the heating, bending and sizing processes, making this steam bending machine environmentally friendly.
      With this wood bending machine, wood forms great, features lower deformity rates and is perfectly uniform.
    1. Wood Bending Machine U-Shaped Solid Wood BendingThis solid wood processing equipment can be used for softening, mold pressing and bending process for various broad leaved woods including elm, white ash, beech, Chinese oak, birch, rubber wood and other hardwoods.

Jiyuan is a prominent woodworking equipment manufacturer in China with over 20 years of experience. Our company is glad to provide a great selection of woodworking machines to both domestic and international markets. Among our products, we have a wide selection of wood bending machines, including a wood bending press. This machine is suitable for bending wood for chairs, bed headboards and frames, and bending solid wood panels for string instruments and percussion.

According to customer specifications and needs, we are able to provide a selection of wood bending machines equipped with a radio frequency generator, steam powered solid wood bending machines (equipped with a steam boiler), and machines that are designed specifically for U-shaped bending.