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Wood Bending Machine U-Shaped Solid Wood Bending

Jiyuan produces solid wood bending machines that are designed specifically for u-shaped chair parts and semi-circular pieces of wood. This solid wood processing equipment can be used for softening, mold pressing and bending process for various broad leaved woods including elm, white ash, beech, Chinese oak, birch, rubber wood and other hardwoods.

Model GJQW-PI-116-JY GJQW-PI-140-JY
Power supply 3 phase 380V, 50Hz or customized
Output power 20kW/30kW
Working table size 1600x800mm 1500x650mm
All the working table size and pressure can be customized
Vertical pressure 100T 80T
Horizontal pressure 8Tx2 30Tx2
Total pressure 116T 140T
Type Two bending press machines share one HF generator(shift to work)

Protection mode Two-stage filament preheating, over current protection, air pressure protection, over temperature protection, door switch protection, etc.

Note: The wood bending machine can be customized based on wood size processed.


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