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Wood Bending Machine Solid Wood Bending with Steam

Steam bending is a common method in wood processing machines used for bending solid wood.

1. This particular wood bending machine can save timber. When compared to traditional wood bending methods, it can save almost a third of the amount of timber used.
2. There are no chemicals used in the heating, bending and sizing processes, making this steam bending machine environmentally friendly.
3. With this wood bending machine, wood forms great, features lower deformity rates and is perfectly uniform.
4. High production efficiency rates make this woodworking equipment suitable for large scale production.

Model GJQ-PI-60-JY GJQ-PI-80-JY GJQ-PI-120-JY GJQ-PI-150-JY
Power supply 3 phase 380V, 50Hz or customized
Output power 20kW-50kW
Working table size 1200x800mm 1500x800mm 2000x1000mm 2500x1250mm
All the working table size and pressure can be customized
Pressure 60T 80T 120T 150T
Type Two bending press machines share one HF generator(shift to work)

Protection mode Two-stage filament preheating, over current protection, air pressure protection, over temperature protection, door switch protection, etc.

Note: The wood bending machine can be customized based on wood size processed.

Our steams powered solid wood bending machine can be used to bend solid wood for chair backs, legs and other solid wood parts.

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