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Wood Bending Machine RF Solid Wood Bending

This line of wood bending machine comes equipped with a wood bending press and a radio frequency generator. The RF generator allows a fast and uniform heating for wood, improving efficiency. When compared to other systems, this wood bending equipment has several advantages, including a higher productivity, better quality in the finished product and a lower energy consumption.

1. The wood bending machine features easy technology and operation.
2. It comes with a high rate of finished products, saving timber.
3. The woodworking machine requires no boiler, making it pollution free.
4. The high frequency current kills insects and bacteria, ensuring the health and safety of operators.
5. Dry kilns are unnecessary for this wood bending press machine.
6. Working speeds are fast, producing 20 finished products (at 10cm wide) in a half hour.

Technical Parameters

Model GJQ-PI-100-JY
Power supply AC, 380V, 50HZ, 3 phases(5 wires or customized)
HF power 30KW
Total pressure 100T
Vertical pressure 180mmx2
Vertical cylinder stroke 600mm
Worktable size 2000x1000x1000(mm)
Overall size 2700x1000x2300(mm)
Including 1HF generator, 1 bending press machine
Boiler 3 layers, stainless steel

This solid wood bending machine is ideal for producing bent woods that have a high curvature radius, such as chair backs, chair legs, bed headboards and musical instruments.

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