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Radio Frequency Press

When it comes to looking for the right woodworking machine to assemble multiple varieties of wood frames, there are a lot of options, making the process confusing and stressful. Here at Jiyuan, we can alleviate that stress by providing you the best solution for wooden frame assembly with our radio frequency press. Our wood frame assembly machine applies a radio frequency heating technology, allowing for a faster batch production.

Our wood frame press machine employs a ball screw positioning device and a PLC automatic control system, allowing operators to set the assembly dimensions. It is an ideal radio frequency press for producing picture frames, cabinet doors, wooden doors, drawers, windows, other jointed wood frames with 45°, 90° or 135° angles, and MDF board frames. Whether wooden wedges are needed or not depends on the product sizes and technology of customer. However, nails are not necessary.

Technical Parameters of the Radio Frequency Press

Power supply AC 380V, 50Hz, 3 phase four wire (or customized)
Max. working size 1800x800mm 2800x800mm
Min. working size 180x180mm 180x180mm
Curing time 5-20s 5-20s
Overall size 2800x1110x1612mm (L*W*H) 3820x1470x1722mm(L*W* H)
Weight 0.8T 1T
Motor type Servo motor
Mechanical drive Precision ball screw
Output power 3kW
Control type PLC control and touch screen interface

Adjustment type

Automatically adjustment

Characteristics of the Radio Frequency Press
1. Radio frequency heating

This wood frame assembly machine adopts a high frequency dielectric heating technology that heats only the glue line, making the wait time short and saving energy. One frame can be assembled in anywhere from 5 to 20 seconds.

2. PLC control system
This radio frequency press uses a PLC automatic control system, which is specifically designed with a user friendly touch screen interface that displays information needed such as frame dimensions, heating time, pressure maintenance time and more. After dimensions are set, the woodworking equipment will automatically readjust to the correct heating and pressure maintenance levels to complete one production cycle.

3. Self-checking fault function
This frame assembly machine comes equipped with a self-checking fault system. When an error occurs, the system will sound an alarm and perform a search for the location of the error.

4. High precision
This radio frequency press has a ball screw and linear guide to help ensure a precise fit. This wood processing equipment also utilizes a state-of-the-art servo motor. The motor combines the ball screw and linear guide to ensure the diagonal line error is smaller than half a millimeter, making this equipment superior to a stepping motor in terms of precision and speed.

5. Excellent Safety Device
Our radio frequency press is outfitted with excellent shielding and protective devices to guarantee operator and equipment safety.

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