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RF Press Edge Gluer of Slant Working Table Version

This particular RF press comes with a slant table that features a user friendly design, allowing for a convenient operation. This radio frequency edge gluing machine applies 3 dimensional pressing methods that enable high precision wood board joining, thereby ensuring the wood stays flat. Because of that, this slant gluer is perfect for working with small sized solid wood joining and cabinet doors assembling. With this and other characteristics, the RF press is the best choice for your edge gluing and radio frequency curing applications.

Technical Parameters of the RF Press

Model GJB-QI-10-JY GJB-QI-25-JY
Working table 1200×600mm 1600×800mm
Control type Full automatic PLC control
Power supply 3 phase, 380V, 50Hz
Output power 15KW
Frequency 6.78MHz
Pressure Hydraulic 3D pressure
Commutate mode Three phase full wave silicon commutate
Cooling mode Forced Air Cooled
Functions 1) Small size board joining
2) Solid wood edge banding
3) Door pocket sealing.
4) Solid wood door assembling.
5) Batten sealing

Features of the RF Press
1. This radio frequency edge gluer is designed with a slant working table, making it user friendly and convenient for placing wood in one place.
2. Radio frequency heating allows for selective heating, and is completed in as little as 1-2minutes.
3. The radio frequency press is extremely adaptable, and its size can be adjusted according to customer needs.
4. According to customer's requirements, one radio frequency generator can serve two edge gluers with PLC fully automatic control, ensuring higher efficiency.
5. This RF press is equipped with multiple protective measures, making it safe to operate.

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