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RF Press Edge Gluer of Heavy Duty Version

The heavy duty RF press supplied by Jiyuan can be customized according to different specifications of customer wood boards, including length, width, and thickness while still providing a stable performance and a long service life. As a kind of commonly used continuous edge gluer, the radio frequency press also suits a variety of purposes including wood board gluing, pressing and jointing.

Features of the RF Press
1. Radio frequency heating technology used in our wood board joining machines ensures selective heating, meaning it only heats the glue line, allowing the glue to dry uniformly from within.
2. Radio frequency kills bacteria and borers in the wood, ensuring it is of the highest possible quality.
3. This radio frequency edge gluer is designed for heavy duty woodworking, and is designed with a PLC control system that features a user friendly touch screen. One touch on the machine can control the entire process.
4. This particular woodworking machinery can be customized accordingly.

Technical Parameters of Heavy Duty RF Press

Control type PLC automatically control, fault self-checking, showing and alarm system
HF power 30KW-50KW, 6.78MHz
Worktable size 3000×1250mm 3000×1250mm 4000×1250mm 6200×1250mm
Thickness Thickness ≤ 100mm Thickness ≤ 150mm Thickness ≤ 100mm Thickness ≤ 100mm
Total pressure 59T 79T 65T 167T
Functions 1) Finger joint board making
2) Door pocket sealing
3) Batten sealing
4) L-type door parts joining


  • 4000mm long
  • 4500mm long
  • 5200mm long
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