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RF Press Edge Gluer of Dual Working Table Version

As one of the versions of our RF press, the radio frequency edge gluer can be designed with a double working table. By doing so, the wood slats can accurately be positioned during putting and feeding. This radio frequency wood joining machine is suitable for joining wood panels that are different shapes and sizes, especially when it comes to smaller panels.

Features of the RF Press
1. It is easier to load and unload wood slats with this radio frequency press as the operator does not need to move, making the process easier and requires less effort.
2. This RF edge gluer employs a tray-like working table that operators can directly place and position wood slats. As a result, the wood can be fed into the RF press with precision for gluing and pressing, avoiding dislocation that may damage the oil cylinders, as is common with other models of this machine.
3. With this radio frequency gluing machine, wood panels that are the same when it comes to thickness, but are different lengths and widths can be freely jointed.
4. This woodworking equipment applies a down-up pressing, meaning the upper plate remains stationary while the bottom plate rises. Uniform pressure is exerted with 6 cylinders, ensuring the flat shape is retained and requires very little sanding.
5. The working table for this RF press is coated with a layer of non-cohesive materials, making it unnecessary to clear the glue, ensuring your wood panels stay flat.
6. The working table also employs a stainless steel base plate rather than one made from PP material. Stainless steel has a better wear resistance and is quickly heated, saving up to a third of the power other models use.

Technical Parameters of the RF Press

Model GJB-SI-54-JY
Power supply AC, 380V, 50Hz 3 phases (5 wires or customized)
HF Power 20kW/30kW
Max working size 2500x1300(mm) or customized
Working Mode Double working tables shift to work
Total Pressure 54T
Horizontal pressure 36T
Vertical pressure 18T
Control type PLC auto/Manual
Total weight 0.8T


  • Fair showing
  • Finished board after sanding
  • Machine working
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