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RF Wood Welder

The RF wood welder is also known as a wood laminator and is another machine typically used for woodworking. It is easy to operate and is highly portable and flexible, making it desired by woodworkers. This wood welding machine also employs radio frequency heating methods to enable the glue to dry and cure rapidly.

Our RF wood welder is often referred to as a radio frequency welder. It applies a transformer to boost the 220v of voltage of a single phase source and turns the AC high voltage into direct high voltage through a high voltage silicon rectifier stack. The high direct voltage will be transformed into a high frequency current by the RF generator and will then be delivered to the heating head for matching and tuning. This allows the high frequency current to be effectively transmitted to heated wood pieces.

When it comes to jointing, joggling, veneer gluing, edge banding, repairing and more of small area wood, the RF wood welder can complete wood welding in 5 to 30 seconds. During operation, it is protected by an over current relay.

Technical Parameters of the RF Wood Welder

Model GJ1.5-27-1-JY
Power supply AC220V, 50Hz
Input capacity 3kVA
Output power 1.5kW
Rating frequency 27.12MHz
Cooling mode air cooled
Curing depth Around 30mm
Curing time 3-10s

Applications of the RF Wood Welder
This hand-held high frequency woodworking machinery is widely used in carpentry, furniture and decoration industries for small areas of wood joining, jogging, veneer gluing, edge banding, repairing and other purposes.

1. A handheld heating head allows for great flexibility.
2. By changing the shape of the electrode, you can use this RF wood welder to heat wood pieces in a variety of shapes.
3. Its compact and light structure makes it easy to move.

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