Vacuum Kiln For Wood Redrying

Our fully automatic vacuum kiln, often referred to as a RFV kiln, adopts a radio frequency heating and combines it with vacuum low temperature drying technology, leading to unique advantages for wood redrying and moisture balancing.

With this radio frequency vacuum kiln, the time required for wood redrying is substantially reduced and thus the wood storage time is reduced, while still allowing great flexibility. Its compact size saves floor space and alleviates financial pressure, making it ideally suited for small scale furniture factories.

Technical Parameters of Vacuum Kiln for Wood Redrying

Capacity 3CBM 4CBM 6CBM 10CBM 13.5CBM 20CBM
Model GJG-1.7- 3B-JY GJG-1.7- 4B-JY GJG-1.7- 6B-JY GJG-2.1- 10B-JY GJG-2.1- 13B-JY GJG-2.5- 20B-JY
Power AC, 380V, 50HZ, 3phase (5wire or customized)
Output Power 20KW---100KW
21 years experience HF technology. Machine can save power and improve efficiency.
Wood loading size L3000mm × W 1000 × H 1000 (3 CBM capacity)
L4000mm × W 1000 × H 1000 (4 CBM capacity)
L6000mm × W 1000 × H 1000 (6 CBM capacity)
L6000mm × W 1300 × H 1300 (10 CBM capacity)
L8000mm × W 1300 × H 1300 (13.5 CBM capacity)
L8000mm × W 1600 × H 1600 (20 CBM capacity)
Other capacities can also be customized.
Functions Can dry all kinds of wood, especially for large section and square edge wood drying.
Faster, uniformly, no crack and deformation.
High frequency 6.78MHz
Max pressure -0.092MPa

Why Vacuum Kiln for Wood Redrying?
Before making furniture, wood that has been dried once already usually has an incorrect moisture content, making the redrying process inevitable. The wood to be redried comes with a moisture content of less than 20%. However, conventional wood drying kilns, for instance the one using steam as heating medium, takes much longer, and often leads to less efficiency and a non-uniform moisture content, causing the wood that is dry to crack or otherwise become deformed, seriously lowering the quality and value of the product.

As a company committed to the design, manufacturing and marketing of numerous types of woodworking machinery, Jiyuan has made large contributions to various industries related to woodworking. Our vacuum kiln for wood redrying is one of those contributions and has been selected by numerous customers, all of whom have had nothing but praise for it.

Our vacuum kiln is great for redrying various thicknesses and moisture contents in wood and only takes about 20-30 hours to complete, consuming very little energy. This makes it a popular selection of timber drying kiln for solid wood furniture factories.

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  • Humanized flexible
    operation head
  • Safety door switch
  • SCHNEIDER contactor


  • 10CBM capacity wood drying
  • 13.5CBM capacity
  • Wood lading
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