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Vacuum Kiln For Hardwood and Rosewood Drying

Rosewood and hardwood are both high density types of wood, making the drying process complicated. Conventional wood drying equipment dose not work with these, as wood will crack or become deformed in other ways. Rosewood is expensive as it is, and these deformities lead to costly losses. Jiyuan’s vacuum kiln for hardwood and rosewood is designed specifically to prevent these losses.

In 2005, utilizing our research and experience in wood drying technology, we began to combine radio frequency heating with vacuum technology. As a result, we successfully developed our radio frequency vacuum kiln or RFV kiln, which can dry wood quickly and uniformly at low temperatures. This wood drying kiln was officially put to use and introduced onto the market in 2008, making us the first radio frequency vacuum kiln manufacturer in China.

Today we are still a prominent manufacturer of vacuum wood dryers, and are still the most experienced and largest manufacturer. Our woodworking machinery comes with incomparable characteristics and advantages that will meet your requirements for drying hardwood and rosewood.

Technical Parameters of the Vacuum Kiln

Capacity 3CBM 4CBM 6CBM 10CBM 13.5CBM 20CBM
Model GJG-1.7- 3C-JY GJG-1.7- 4C-JY GJG-1.7- 6C-JY GJG-2.1- 10C-JY GJG-2.1- 13C-JY GJG-2.5- 20C-JY
Power AC, 380V, 50HZ 3phase (5wire or customized)
Output Power 20KW---100KW
21 years experience in HF technology. This machine can save power and improve efficiency.
Wood loading size L3000mm × W 1000 × H 1000 (3 CBM capacity)
L4000mm × W 1000 × H 1000 (4 CBM capacity)
L6000mm × W 1000 × H 1000 (6 CBM capacity)
L6000mm × W 1300 × H 1300 (10 CBM capacity)
L8000mm × W 1300 × H 1300 (13.5 CBM capacity)
L8000mm × W 1600 × H 1600 (20 CBM capacity)
Other capacities can also be customized.
Functions Can dry all kinds of wood, especially for rosewood and hardwood.
High frequency 6.78MHz
Max. pressure -0.092MPa

Features of the Vacuum Kiln
1. State-of-the-art technology designed by first class experts in China
2. Double deck electromagnetic shielding
3. Automatic tuning and grounding
4. Suitable to use both on ground levels and upper stories
5. Electrical components for this lumber kiln come from well-known international brands like Siemens
6. 10 inch touch screen that is eye-catching, clear and easy to operate
7. Entire control panel needs only one start/stop and emergency stop button
8. CThe vacuum kiln comes with a wood weighing system, allowing for direct weighing outside the kiln to get real data
9. The temperature measuring system comes with two sensing fiber cables, allowing for accurate temperature measurement and effective control of real time temperature for each layer of wood
10. Ideal for wide and thick pieces of timber
11. Remote control drying process
12. Reliable sealing of the kiln door and installation manhole with a double layer metal net shielding strip, completely preventing electromagnetic leakage
13. Equipped with a number of safety switches to avoid accidents when the door is opened

Related Advantages of the Vacuum Kiln
1. Jiyuan is a member of the national committee for wood drying, and is working to revise wood drying standards
2. We employ numerous technical advisors from well-known Chinese universities and institutes, all of whom are experts in the field.
3. Our radio frequency vacuum kiln was developed in the period of 2005 to 2008 and has obtained a utility model patent. In 2009 and 2001, we applied for patents for our improved RFV drying systems. These three patents all cover semi-automatic and fully automatic high frequency wood vacuum wood dryer technologies.

Parts Figure

  • 10 inch human-machine interface
  • 20 years experience technology
  • Safety test and inspection


  • Fully auto RF kiln dryer
  • Hard wood drying
  • Rosewood drying
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